August 12, 2016

Rest Assured

These photos were taken last month by Ho Kim and how could I totally forget to publish them as they have such amazing quality? It was a windy afternoon, Kim and I wandered around central District 1, Saigon. Here are the processes of our afternoon: we had latte at Shin Coffee, we took some photos, we had churros covered in Nutella and coconut flakes, we took some photos on Nguyen Hue walking street and Nguyen Thiep street; then we had bubble milk tea at Katinat Saigon Kafe, we took more photos at Municipal Theatre of Saigon and along Dong Khoi street. Eventually, I was only pleased with 4 out of like 1928 photos (LOL). It wasn't Kim's fault, it was mine.

I'm craving for a big cup of latte now :(


What I wore: 
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Ninomaxx 
Photos by Ho Kim (Kim's Instagram:

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July 21, 2016

Summer But No Summer

 These are my favorite songs at the moment. Please check them out 🙃
It is July, which means summer and I have no summer break. I know you guys are like "whaaa" but yes, I have no summer break. I'm chasing the deadlines and depressed with my uni assignments (again). I have no time to take my camera on and capture my life because it is currently a mess. My last post was like two weeks ago, and you guys need to be posted. Furthermore, I think I need to provide more information about myself, like some fun facts, so here they are :)

1. I like cold drinks without ice.

2. I prefer ice cubes to ice blended.

3. Blue is my favorite color.

4. My fav tv series are HTGAWM, Orphan Black and Sherlock

5. I love indie music and 90s/00s movies

6. I listen to french pop.

7. is my favorite number.

8. I still have one baby tooth.

9. I have watched all Ghibli's movies.

10. I bite nails.

11. I haven't kissed anyone.

12. coffee in the morning!

13. and tea for the noon.

14. I am easily distracted 

15. It takes me 5 days to finish a house in the sims 3

16. A virgo baby

17. I don't play with kids.

18. My favorite letter is T.

19. I don't believe in the Illuminati

20. feminist.

21. I can speak English in American/British/Australian/Vietnamese accents.

22. I can only do the breaststroke (technically correct).

23. I fall in love with characters but not the actors (e.g.: I love Jake, not Chad Michael Murray and old Hiccup).

24. I own 7 pairs of Converse.

25. I hate being touched by people, especially by strangers. ugh!!

26. 80% of the time I go to the movie theaters alone.

27. I wait for post-credits scenes.

28. I don't enjoy eating fruits that have small seeds (except dragon fruits).

30. I don't watch music videos unless they come to me by chance or someone told me to.

31. I have dry skin

32. But I love my skin

Tell me one of your facts,


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July 1, 2016

Posing with Chanel


Stealing a maxi dress from your mom, wearing a dirty old pair of Converse, what could be more fun than posing in front of a Chanel store and receiving a discriminating look from the staff? If you can't style in Chanel apparel, then do it with the brand. 

There is a big contrast between Chanel stores in Vietnam and the ones in Hong Kong (it can be comparable to other foreign countries). In Hong Kong, customers have to wait in a long queue until the store is open. I remember it was about 8 or 9 am but the number of Chanel purchasers was enormous. In Vietnam, you rarely see a customer in the store, either in the morning or the evening. It's not my business to do the economic test here, but I guess you guys can tell :)

De facto, the point of this post is that it doesn't matter if that is a Chanel bag or not. It can make a huge change if you know how to style your outfits. You can look as much aesthetic as you desire no matter if that is a shirt or a pair of pants from Forever 21, Zara, any fast fashion brands or luxury brands or even that is a piece of second-hand cloth. Doubtlessly, fashion experts can tell a difference but who cares? You feel confident and pretty, that's fair enough. Notwithstanding, you can treat yourself with your dream valuable product if you are able to afford it. 

. Maxi dress: my mom's (no idea where she got it from)
. Bag: Accessorize

June 13, 2016

Supermarket Unearth

I don't usually go to supermarkets because they seem to be further than ordinary bazaars, you know my house is only 17 steps away from a market. Fun fact: I love cooking. I once subscribed about twenty-four cooking channels on Youtube (lol) and I never watch them again when they are on my feed. I prefer cooking non-Vietnamese food and the market that is near my place never sells those non-Vietnamese ingredients. Basils, rosemary, mustard,  cheese, greek yogurt etc. for instance. Finding exotic stores is not easy in this compact Saigon but these are my favorite places to shop imported products: Annam Gourmet Market, Organik, and An Phu supermarket. Imported products in are freaking pricy but we can't do anything except holding our tears and spending the money...

I did not buy anything on that day but just letting you guys know that they are my favs :). Do you love window shopping? I do (very much). I always live with this saying "Buy what you need, not what you want". Lol I want every single thing in a store -  food store or clothing store - I don't care, I want 'em all! However, my budget never allows me to do such silly things so again; I have to hold my tears and look at them with glam. There are two feelings when you visit your favorite store: pain or happiness. There's no in between. 

Tell me what is your favorite supermarket/market?


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