My favorite colors are blue, dark blue and pink though I love to wear black. Black outfits slim me down and they are so easy to wear. When I find nothing to wear, I just put on a black t-shirt and blue jeans, I feel good enough. In this post, I wore a black dress from Factorie and it's like I'm one of the witches in American Horror Story, like Madison Montgomery or Zoe Benson. Because this is a mid calf dress, it hides my thigh, which is great for me when it only shows off a little bit of my skin. I put on a watch to make the look more classic. Buses are my main transportation so I put a loose pink beige shirt when I get on the bus  because I feel secure when everything is covered whenever I use public transport lol.
Tell me what's your favorite color to wear?

What I wore in this post: . Dress - Factorie
. Shirt - Zara
. Shoes - Vagabond
. Watch - Timex

In the place I live, makeup in teenagers are not very common and sometimes people have negative thinking about it. For so many years in schools, I did not know how to fill in my brows, how to draw the perfect eyeliner wings or what I should do first before applying mascara. Most of my friends were in the same situation: no makeup, just studying. Back to the time when I was 15 or 16, the only thing I was allowed to do was putting on a satin light pinky lipstick to make my face look brighter. That's it. Furthermore, schools didn't allow students to wear makeup. However, I never felt insecure about my naked face because I wasn't the only one. 
I was addicted to those makeup tutorials from girl Youtubers a few years ago like Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, Amanda Steele, etc. It was so inspirational to watch how they look before and after makeup. So when I was 17, I knew how to wear blush and how to curl my lashes before the mascara. I always wanted to go out so that I could put some colors on my face. You know that feeling when how confident and how pretty you feel you are? I felt the same way.
But I think most girls in my place were not very familiar with this makeup thing. Some were, some were not.
I met some old friends in high school last week and a girl asked me :"Hey Tam are you wearing makeup now?". It was so awkward and I didn't know what to say because they didn't know that I started to wear makeup a year ago. And in everyone's opinion, makeup is only for older women. So I replied :"Um no, I only put on lipstick. My pink cheeks are because of the hot weather" (lol I even laughed at myself in my head).
But a few seconds later I asked myself :"Why did I have to answer like that? There would be nothing wrong if I had answered yes". I feel confident, I feel pretty and it's good. And I told myself by the next time if someone asks me if I'm wearing makeup, the answer will be yes.

To all my female readers, if you think makeup makes you feel more comfortable and beautiful, just do it. You shouldn't care about what other people say, even when your mom thinks that color doesn't suit you but you love that color to death, just put it on. Or when people say you wear too much makeup or you look so different with your naked face, just think that you are doing it for yourself, not for the others. 
Learn basic steps from tutorials, find the perfect foundation for your skin, save money for your favorite lipsticks,... It is fun!
Either you have your makeup on or not, you look fine :)

This is Nhai.

This is Nhot.
This photo was taken maybe 2 years ago.

My best besties are Nhai and Nhot. I love them so much like there are no words can describe my love <heart emoji> . We first met when we were 12, and we are all 18 now. Nhot's birthday was in February so she's 19.
Nhai is full Viet, she's like the mother of the group. She is very passionate about everything she does and very downright. Even though she doesn't have a really good love life, she knows how to maintain good friendships and family love for herself. By the way, my dad thinks she's a lesbian (she's not). I think we need to have serious conversation one day. One more cool thing is that Nhai's birthday is on July 19th (19/07) and my birthday is September 17th (17/09). Amazing right? It's fate.
Nhot is half Korean half Viet. If people are going for 'Kylie Jenner's lips', which means full lips trend, Nhot is opposite. What I'm trying to say is that Nhot's lips are super thin, but I love her lips so much. If you are going through a tough day, just look at her smile, her lovely lips & bright teeth, I swear they could light up the whole place. 
Nhot is going to South Korea for university so we had a little sleepover.This is not the first time we slept together. But remember the last time, Nhot drank too much Soju (Korean wine), she was way too drunk, she talked a lot, she vomited and she slept in the bathroom with her vomit around lol. That night was a nightmare, me and Nhai had to stay up until 4am to clean up everything before Nhot’s mom woke up and "things happen"… I swear I will never let her drink ever again. 
We swore to be godmothers of each others' children. I just can't wait...
If you have best friend(s), tell them you love them everyday. 
If you don't have a best friend, find one. Your life will move to another chapter.
Sending love to the best people in the world.

We had a high-tea party at Park Hyatt Hotel. My sister and my friend- Nhai ordered rosie tea something (I don’t remember the name lol sorry), I had hibiscus tea, my friend Quinn had banana coffee. They gave us three plates of tiny food. Yes, they were tiny, like you can put the whole cheese cake in your mouth and a whole burger. They were so cute! What I like most is the coconut ice-cream with jaggery syrup. Oh my god it tastes like heaven. I wish I could have brought it home and put it on the internet and let all of you have it. There should be a screen that allows you to take food on the internet haha… Sorry back to the topic. I really enjoyed my afternoon with my girls. However, the receipt gave us a little heart attack. lol. What I enjoyed more is that we dressed as fancy as we were going to have tea with Queen Elizabeth (insert laugh with tears emoji). So sorry I wasn't able to take a lot of photos because I spent almost the time enjoying tea and small talk with my girls.
In my opinion, you should spend a great afternoon with your beloved sister(s) or friend(s) to have a high-tea party, you know because it is absolutely worthwhile! x

Photos taken by Quinn.


 I have been to Hong Kong a few times (I guess 5 is an exact number) and oh my god I always adore their buildings and people and sceneries and everything. Each of us (me and my older sister) had one pair of sneakers to get along with us during a five-day journey (and they were like a bunch of shit when we got home). There are modern buildings, those luxury stores, high speed cars yet there are still little traditional things in Hong Kong. Those old men who still listen to that traditional music when they drive and how cute when they whistle along. Those houses that have the ancient Chinese structures. And there are dragon dancing performances in Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn festival.
It was so exhausted to fight the right lines in subways or bus routes. However, it was fun! Even it was the fifth time I got in Hong Kong, the moments were as special as the first time. New things appeared after a year I got back and newer things appeared a year later and so on. I’m so happy because there are great things for me to discover no matter if it is the fifth or even the tenth time I visit this place.
Hong Kong should be on top of your to-go list, I think.
By the way, thumbs up for macarons in Habour City!!