As I had an assignment that required research at museums, I decided to find the sources at Fine Arts Museum.
Located at 97 Pho Duc Chinh, Ho Chi Minh city, the museum was built in the 80s or 90s (As I remember) by Saigon authorities. They showcase artifacts, artworks, paintings (most are from Southern Vietnam) from the ancient to postmodern era. It's true that I looked for the taste more than the appearance. I appreciate how the artists have flowed themselves in their brushstrokes, how they have illustrated their lives and our lives in their masterpieces. It can be seen that the purports in those paintings have tremendously changed. You know, life changed and people changed chronologically.

Leaving Fine Arts museum and moving on to the next destination. 
There is an alley called "Art Arcade" on Dong Khoi street where some freelance artists sell their products. Following this alley you will reach a stair, climbing up and there are various of coffee shops and stores. Surprise!

My sister and I had breakfast at L'Usine after our visit to Fine Arts museum. It locates on the first floor of the Art Arcade. Not only food is served, L'Usine also sells home decor, clothes and other cool stuff. A fun fact that every place I visit that day, they all displayed paintings.



What is your favorite museum?

I'm writing this post in a enraged mood since I couldn't think of a nicer tittle and I have to handle assignments. I forgot that I haven't blogged in a week and checked my blog...
Apologies for being irrelevant to the main purport! I didn't drink much coffee but I realized I drank at least one cup a day last week because coffee is the element that extends my endurance for sleepless nights. I have to work with irresponsible people this semester and they drive me insane. Asking them to finish their parts before the consultation is like talking to my hand, no email replies. Eventually, I had to finish two thirds of the report. I didn't even bother to tell the lecturer as I had no guts and I wasn't mean enough (lol). Needless to say, they should have felt guilty and yesterday they did what they were supposed to do two weeks ago. And yes, in a very negligent way. Thus, this nanny spent her whole night editing the report.
These photos were taken last week and as I was so busy I forgot to show you guys. It was a night out with my sister. I think it's more like a praxis to go out on saturday than an activity since I do this weekly. Last saturday we went to Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, then we had sushi at Ichiban SushiThe food was good, sake was absolutely fantastic and I like the decoration though it's quiet  inappropriate for a Japanese restaurant, in my opinion. The last terminal was at Hotel des Arts Saigon MGallery Collection for some liquid refreshment.

I guess I wouldn't have enjoyed my night if I had been informed about the stress that I would get in the following week. (insert crying emojis)


Outfits I wore: . Top - Topshop

. Skirt - Thrifted

. Shoes - Puma

. Bag - Accessorize

Since my sister had her days off because of her sore throat and my cousin was back from Australia with her little son and husband, we spent a day at Saigon zoo and botanical gardens. It's the oldest zoo in Vietnam with 150 years' subsistence. I made some new friends, yes, they are goats, elephants, giraffes and monkeys lol. Located in the city, the animals don't have much wild space for themselves. They were lazy, they all slept when I visited and I had to opened my eyes so wide to recognize where they were. Needless to say, they were very lonely :(
There was an elephant doing yoga,  she reminded me of the naked one in Zootopia (I highly recommend this animated movie for anyone who hasn't watched it). All of them reminded me of Zootopia, but a lazier version. And yes, a naked version of animals.
If you have been to larger zoos like in Singapore, Thailand or other countries, you might feel confused about this one because it is too small to be a zoo. However, this zoo is in the middle of the city and isn't it so cool to have wild animals in the city where you live?
If you live in Vietnam or you are a visitor in Vietnam, visit this place and visit these lovely animals, you can watch them sleep, eat, lay down, do nothing and be some sort of artifact (not trying to be mean here). They are city animals, they don't do much.


We had lunch at Cục Gạch Quán, a Vietnamese restaurant. They serve traditional dishes in typical Viet family meals like rice, thịt kho, cá kho, gỏi, rau xào, canh, chè, ... (They are Viet food written Viet names so please look up Google to know what they are). What I like most is the tofu with lemongrass, yummy!! Make sure that you ask the waiter or waitress if you have ordered enough food for you and your friend(s).

Sorry for having no photos of me, I guess I was exited observing the animals. I really, really experimented my typical tuesday. Just forgot about my hectic life for a moment...