Whew! Sorry for disappearing for one month. I was busy with assignments in the first two weeks of September and I spent the rest two weeks in Perth, Australia. It was a special month. I traveled from Saigon to Australia on my 19th birthday, which means I celebrated my birthday in many destinations (because I was on the plane). It was the very first journey that I traveled all by myself. How fascinating it was when I spent the last birthday of a teenager in somewhere else far away from home. 
I decided to name this post sepTAMber in order to mark my favourite time of the year (just in case that you haven't read about me, my Vietnamese name is Tam). 

A random garden
This garden belongs to a friend of my uncle's and aunt's, which is the most beautiful garden I have ever been to. 

Aida Strawberry Farm
It is fun to pick fresh strawberries, isn't it? I had the idea of quitting all the study then moving to Australia and becoming a farmer. Thank God the mini backache made me erase that thought.

Araluen Botanical Park
I got to know the surroundings with flowers and plants. 

(We stopped in the middle of the road just for a photo of pretty cactus plants)

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne Beach
They have absolutely fantastic blueberry muffins and coffee

Serpentine National Park

Stay tuned for sepTAMber in Oz #2.


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