This blog post is for Peter Bui. 

I eventually had some spare time to breathe as well as edit some of the last photos during my vacation in Perth, Australia. Absurdly, we are going to the very last month of the year and these photos were taken in September. You can tell how much work I had to contend with in previous months. And I just realized most of my blog posts start with me complaining about the loads of work that I have to take.  Please bear with me!

In my last post, sepTAMber in Oz vol. 1, it was me going to the rural of Perth (well, Perth itself is already a pastoral land LOL). And in this second volume, there is me spending more time in Fremantle (my favourite town), and Perth city. 

I was going to Fremantle with one of my cousins, Peter. It was intriguing to see old pristine dwellings while walking around in the spring weather hitting 11°C and all of a sudden I perceived I was living in the 21st century. Another cousin of mine, Paul, who was my one-day personal tour guide that showed me around the city of Perth. The highlight of the day was visiting Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and Art Gallery of Western Australia There were arts, just arts, and people who were heeding arts.

Monk Media - Paul's design studio

@Monk Media, a quick photo by Paul before we headed to the bus stop

Auntie Ti: "đi ăn pasta rẻ tiền ở Fremantle không?"
(Would you like to have cheap pasta in Fremantle?)

Me while waiting for my cheap pesto pasta

Art exhibition at Moore & Moore cafe when Peter and I went out for brunch.

Wandering in Fremantle

a selfie on my birthday

We stopped for a  fancy photo of a road in the city

That is Paul

and a photogenic lady at Art Gallery of Western Australia

@Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

What is the point of going out when the temperature drops down to 11°C without having any ice cream? 
@CHICHO Gelato (an ice cream store belongs to a friend of Paul's)


Rest in peace, Peter. We miss you.