Since my mom just rearranged some plant pots in the garden, I thought why shouldn't I take a few photos? It rained dogs and cats last night and everything looked so green this morning. Waking up and walking out the garden, I was so impressed by the colors in my garden. It's like a new update. So fresh and green. Do you love the smell of the grass and the trees after the rain? It is so nice, as nice as fresh cut grass (one of my favorite scents)
I don't usually wear denim, especially with jeans because I'm not obsessed with monochrome much. But um, this outfit is actually cute, isn't it? Styling with wrapped choker is much more tremendous. After almost 19 years existing, I just realized that I look good in V-neck tops. They show off my neck and a little bit of my collar bones, a wonderful reason to wear my old necklaces and chokers. 
Do you like denim?
. Top: Tom Pyne
. Jeans: Thrifted
. Choker: DIY
. Sunnies: Topshop

One of the body parts that I'm very proud of is my skin. In this place it is not easy to keep your skin healthy and clean since everything is full of pollutants and dust so your skin can be damaged easily. Skin must be protected! I don't have many steps for it though, like toner, exfoliant or serum, no I just don't. Essential basic steps are good enough for me: sunscreen, moisturizer and cleansing. Drinking a lot of water is of one my ways to keep my skin healthy and naturally moist.

  • Thann Sunscreen: This sunscreen is what I put on when I go out daily for ordinary business. It is made from nano shiso and white tea extracts and its smell is sublime. It gives me a glowy effect after applying, though it makes my face looks a little bit whiter than normal, which is not my favorite thing. In addition, SPF 30 is not enough to block the UVB rays in my area so I'm going to get another sunscreen brand that has higher SPF after finishing this. And it's too pricey for a 40 gram sunscreen tube. Rate: 8.5/10

I have never used foundation, BB/CC cream or powder (I know I'm very unprofessional lol). I do wear makeup but it's very light and I only used boost or sunscreen for my base before so I thought I need something more serious for my skin. My problem is that I'm too lazy to put on too much formulation on my face so I'm giving a shout out for the greatest invention of human beings for lazy people (like me): CUSHION!
  • Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Botte: I read about this on a magazine and I needed cushion at that time. I have to say that I'm in love with this one. The way it works is super cool like you have to twist the cap and shake the bottle before you apply. I have heard the consistency would smell like gas but I think it smells like lychees (lol). It is cold, cold as ice and it reduces 9 degree (fahrenheit, I think) of your facial temperature. I don't think this works for me as my face only feels cooler for a few minutes then it sweats when I go outside. This might work for you if you live in a cooler and nicer weather condition. The cushion contains sunscreen (SPF 50+ PA+++) and moisturizer and they are all I need.  Rate: 9.5/10
Note: Remember to exfoliate dead skin off your face or the cushion will leave clumps.

  • The Body Shop  Skin Boost: This thing works well when I need a base when I go out at night because I can't apply cushion as it has sunscreen. It is not too shiny and it doesn't dry your skin out. Rate: 9/10

  • Natural Coconut Oil: This is my makeup remover I don't have a professional makeup remover so I use coconut oil and it works really well! If you concern about beauty and cosmetics you must know how impressive coconut oil's uses are (Sorry if you are allergic to it). Rate: 10/10

I was given these two by my cousin. I'm so in love with Skinfood products and I will get more skincare products from this South Korean brand.
  • Skinfood Rice Cleansing  Foam: I was so impressed by the first time using this. It creates soft foam and you only need to dispense small amount. It cleanses and moisturizes and I feel my skin is like a baby's after every time going out from the shower. Rate: 10/10

  • Skinfood Rice Cleansing Scrub: This one is similar to the cleansing foam except it exfoliates. It gives the same effect when you apply it on your face and there are micro-fine rice brans in order to scrub and exfoliate. I only use this once a week because I don't want to my skin to dry out. Rate: 10/10


  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash: I used this before I started using the Skinfood cleansing foam/scrub and I was running out of it. It does its jobs really well: moisturizing and cleansing. Nonetheless, I don't enjoy its smell and I'm not interested in using creamy consistency, I prefer foam so I think I will not buy this again. Rate: 8/10 


  • L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil: I use this before going to bed to moisturize my skin. It has almond oil so it smells really nice. Rate: 9.5/10 (too pricey :( )

  • Solid Coconut Butter: My face smells like coconut and I just want to lick it. I use this when I'm too lazy to put on the L'Occitane oil because it's on my bedside table which is convinient to reach. Rate: 10/10 for supporting my laziness.

I hope I provided enough helpful information about these products that I'm currently using. May you have clear and healthy skin!