June 13, 2016

Supermarket Unearth

I don't usually go to supermarkets because they seem to be further than ordinary bazaars, you know my house is only 17 steps away from a market. Fun fact: I love cooking. I once subscribed about twenty-four cooking channels on Youtube (lol) and I never watch them again when they are on my feed. I prefer cooking non-Vietnamese food and the market that is near my place never sells those non-Vietnamese ingredients. Basils, rosemary, mustard,  cheese, greek yogurt etc. for instance. Finding exotic stores is not easy in this compact Saigon but these are my favorite places to shop imported products: Annam Gourmet Market, Organik, and An Phu supermarket. Imported products in are freaking pricy but we can't do anything except holding our tears and spending the money...

I did not buy anything on that day but just letting you guys know that they are my favs :). Do you love window shopping? I do (very much). I always live with this saying "Buy what you need, not what you want". Lol I want every single thing in a store -  food store or clothing store - I don't care, I want 'em all! However, my budget never allows me to do such silly things so again; I have to hold my tears and look at them with glam. There are two feelings when you visit your favorite store: pain or happiness. There's no in between. 

Tell me what is your favorite supermarket/market?


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June 2, 2016


I'm an impatient person, like I literally hate waiting. My stomach always gets burning inside or something when I have to sit down for too long. If someone asks me to describe myself in one word, I would definitely say 'impatience'. Ugh! I can not sit in the restaurant or cafe shop for more than one hour. I feel nervous when I have to wait for the nail polish to dry and I always end up fixing my eight out of ten nails. I get mad when the appointment is at 5:00pm and they come at 5:01pm, I hate waiting even it is just one minute. I think I'm also punctual because I hate waiting and I hate letting people waiting (except going to school because nobody has to wait for me and I hate waking up in the morning). When I cook, I honestly want to get those salmon or chicken or boiled broccoli out of the pot as soon as possible. I don't know if they are cooked or not but I just hate standing there and looking at them changing colors... When I buy new clothes I just want head home and try them on ASAP. I'm so weird. Or when I take new photos, I edit them on my laptop right away and get ready for a new post even my recent post was published a day ago. I played Kim Kardashian Hollywood last month and I was fed up waiting for the energy to recover. I actually looked for time hack but it didn't work for me. I deleted the app. I hate waiting for the plane to take off. I hate waiting for the bus though I have no other choice. I hate when movies are too long, I mean TOOOO long. I loose my patience easily, sometime it causes my depression in waiting. 

You may think my life misses all the fun but I think it is rustic. I'm used to it and I think it is okay to rush. But I should slow down a little bit :)


P/s: I'm currently addicted to this song!
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