These are my favorite songs at the moment. Please check them out 🙃
It is July, which means summer and I have no summer break. I know you guys are like "whaaa" but yes, I have no summer break. I'm chasing the deadlines and depressed with my uni assignments (again). I have no time to take my camera on and capture my life because it is currently a mess. My last post was like two weeks ago, and you guys need to be posted. Furthermore, I think I need to provide more information about myself, like some fun facts, so here they are :)

1. I like cold drinks without ice.

2. I prefer ice cubes to ice blended.

3. Blue is my favourite color.

4. My fav tv series are HTGAWM, Orphan Black and Sherlock
(2016 updated: Stranger Things)

5. I love indie music and 90s/00s movies

6. I listen to french pop.

7. is my favourite number.

8. I still have one baby tooth.

9. I have watched all Ghibli's movies.

10. I bite nails.

11. I haven't kissed anyone (I HAVE NOW!!)

12. coffee in the morning!

13. and tea for the noon.

14. I am easily distracted 

15. It takes me 5 days to finish a house in the sims 3

16. A virgo baby

17. I don't play with kids.

18. My favourite letter is T.

19. I don't believe in the Illuminati

20. feminist.

21. People think I'm cold. I'm not!

22. I can only do the breaststroke (technically correct).

23. I fall in love with characters but not the actors (like I love Jake, not Chad Michael Murray)

24. I own 7 pairs of Converse.

25. I hate being touched by people, especially by strangers. ugh!!

26. 80% of the time I go to the movie theaters alone.

27. I wait for post-credits scenes.

28. I don't enjoy eating fruits that have small seeds (except dragon fruits).

30. I don't watch music videos unless they come to me by chance or someone told me to.

31. I have dry skin

32. But I love my skin

Tell me one of your facts,


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Stealing a maxi dress from your mom, wearing a dirty old pair of Converse, what could be more fun than posing in front of a Chanel store and receiving a discriminating look from the staff? If you can't style in Chanel apparel, then do it with the brand. 

There is a big contrast between Chanel stores in Vietnam and the ones in Hong Kong (it can be comparable to other foreign countries). In Hong Kong, customers have to wait in a long queue until the store is open. I remember it was about 8 or 9 am but the number of Chanel purchasers was enormous. In Vietnam, you rarely see a customer in the store, either in the morning or the evening. It's not my business to do the economic test here, but I guess you guys can tell :)

De facto, the point of this post is that it doesn't matter if that is a Chanel bag or not. It can make a huge change if you know how to style your outfits. You can look as much aesthetic as you desire no matter if that is a shirt or a pair of pants from Forever 21, Zara, any fast fashion brands or luxury brands or even that is a piece of second-hand cloth. Doubtlessly, fashion experts can tell a difference but who cares? You feel confident and pretty, that's fair enough. Notwithstanding, you can treat yourself with your dream valuable product if you are able to afford it. 

. Maxi dress: my mom's (no idea where she got it from)
. Bag: Accessorize