A few days ago I incidentally discovered a music band called Tennis (please check out this link as well) - an American indie pop band. They give me (a 90's kid) a nostalgia of the 70's era that I have never experienced before. Their rhythm, sounds, and vocals are so pleasing. Their visuals, videos, concepts are more than aesthetic - something I utterly reblog on Tumblr. The band includes two members - Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley who are husband and wife duo. There must have been tremendously bewitching moments to Alaina and Patrick when they first met in a philosophy class, fell in love, started a band after a sailing expedition and got married. In an interview with The Huffington Post, the inspiration that led them to this style of music was the song Baby It's You by The Shirelles, which was played in a bar while they were on their sailing voyage. How much aesthetic do you see?

Someone on Youtube commented:"Didn't know Ferris Bueller's sister had a band". It took me 5 days to get over my confusion.

(Can we just spend a moment to compliment her hair?)

Check out the infomercial of their new album 'Yours Conditionally' - too good to be true

These are what I have been listening to in the past weeks. Enjoy!


A round of applause for a new month of the year - the second most beautiful month of the year. What I have done so far is starting on my bullet journal - a sufficient way to control your work and time (to anyone who doesn't know what a bullet journal is, take a look here). I have been thinking of more resolutions to add to the list for this year and I do not have any specific resolutions. Other bloggers have set up 50, 70 or 100 resolutions for themselves and I only have like 5 in my head.
1. Reading more books is one of them. Not just books, but, I will read more.
2. Getting back to swimming. Perhaps I need a new swimsuit.
3. Collaborating with more brands (genuine features duh!)
4. Saving up for a new phone.
5. Reducing fast fashion and finding alternative brands for fast fashion brands (how embarrassing I am that I'm wearing a Zara jumper in my photos). (To my way of thinking, boycotting the fast fashion industry is not a feasible way to condemn a company's environmental and labour compliance. Besides, not everyone can afford designer fashion. Nonetheless, lessen the more the better.)

Resolutions are great, particularly to people who are indulging in retrospection and reevaluating some of their life choices. However, I do not want to reduplicate suggested resolutions, and I believe so do some of you. You do not have to set up common goals as everyone does. New year's resolutions do not mean you have to set up all the resolutions at the beginning of the year. If you are still having a struggle with settling your resolutions, no problemo. It's okay if you're having 0 5 10 or somewhat but not 50 70 100 goals in your mind. You can fill in the list in each stage of the year - corresponding to the circumstances. In addition, quality over quantity. A few achievable (with effort) and practical goals are better than loads of unmanageable and indistinct ones. It's similar to running a blog, it's useless when you only have blog titles without the content. So, first thing first, brainstorm ways to reach your goals - how to get courage, motivation, patience and so on.


. Jumpsuit - Zara
. Shoes - Dr. Martens

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