Spotted the sunlight ray at 4:00 PM on the wall while waiting for uber, captured it with my face. Someone told me: "The sun doesn't like you". I believe that's not true.

How's your March going? Mine's going pretty well except my swollen toe. My mind is busy learning and falling in love as usual. I suffered a mini crisis on social media but everything is getting better again. I lost a pair of earrings, which is sad.  

I go to bed pretty late recently, around 1 or 2am, then wake up around 11am. My cat is fine, my dog is fine. Sometimes I'm not sure if I can write blog posts anymore because you see, this sucks. I barely have a decent topic. Anyway, let's just consider this as a mini life update.

I hope you guys don't miss me too much. And the sun does like you. Trust me.

I always need big bags as my everyday bags because I carry a lot of things with me. This is one of my bags which is from Accessorize and I've been using it for two years. 
1. Phone - very important 
2. Gadget pouch - where I keep other essentials (scroll down to see what's inside)
3. Sunnies - bought 'em from Topshop
4. Hand gel - you know you need your hands to be less smelly. It is proven that hand gel does not efficiently decontaminate your hands so I don't use it much if there's soap around.
5. Pencil case - made from yam in Myanmar and it is a gift from 'the good friend'. Inside: a blue ballpoint pen, a black pen, a highlighter, a pencil, lead refill and an eraser
6. Notebook - where I take notes
7. Wallet - bought it from Accessorize as well. Inside: cash, cards and some personal information. By the way, I'm looking for a smaller wallet because this one takes too much space. 
8. Umbrella - just in case it rains - you never know
9. Earphones  
10. Tissue
11. Bottle of water
12. Keys

Sometimes I carry my laptop with me if needed. 
Oh! And a lunchbox too!
Also some bus tickets.

What's in my gadget pouch?
(I bought this pouch from Kikki K in their Lilac & Gold collection)

1. Some bandages  - just in case I have paper cuts or small injuries
2. Some pills - digestive pill, allergy pills and some panadol
3. Eye drops
4. Mirror - I stole the almost-finished Channel blush compact from my sister and used it as the mirror. She took it back :( 
5. Lipsticks - a M.A.C (Cremesheen - On Hold) and a Givenchy (Le Rouge À Porter - 206 Corail Decolletà)
6. Lipbalm from My Bee Natural, it moisturise your lips very well and it smells so sweet
7. Dental floss


P/s: Please note that I have embedded all the links that I possibly found in the mentioned products.