April 28, 2017

It's gonna be May

#TBT to the end of last month when I took these photos. It's irony how these s look so luxurious with marbles and lightings that were taken in a toilet of a hotel. One living tip: never trust coffee at fancy hotels - they are very stingy in caffeine.  So my nanny took me to a place called Opera Restaurant and they served skimmed milk with coffee flavour - tremendous!

I just realised that my hair has been this short for a long time. I hate this length and I miss my long hair. I haven't worn red lipstick for a while because they make my lips look small and cute. But as my outfit is so dark I want my lips to be bold, small and cute. 

I have been busy and a lot of thoughts have been on my mind. I forgot to publish this post though I wrote this a month ago. I'm sorry!

It's gonna be May! Wishing you all a great month!


April 17, 2017

April 2017 Wishlist

A quick share of my wish list on Yoins - an online apparel website in Hong Kong. I have been obsessed with bows and tassel (tassel - yay or nay?). I love wearing basic neutral tops and bottoms, so it's essential to have a bold pair of shoes to highlight my feet. Talking about the woven bag, woven reminds me of those beach days embracing the cool air from the wind and the sea. I need a vacation ASAP! And denim jacket is basically 'a must' in your closet and I haven't got one yet.

What's on your wishlist?

A quick life update: two presentations this week.


p/s: use the code "blog15" to get 15 percent off on your orders on Yoins ;) 

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